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Business Philosophy

The WBF Group customers enjoy the trips of their dreams achieved only by the utmost excellent service, provided by employees whose wellbeing, both mind and body, are always a key focus of our organization.

We also strive to improve the value of our organization in order to help local communities grow through travel-related activities.


CEO Astushi Shimada The greatest pleasure
of being in the
travel industry
is to provide customers
with unforgettable
CEO Atsushi Shimada

I plunged into the travel industry from the point of view of selling products to people after thinking to myself "What can I sell that will make customers happy?".

Previously I had been a salesman at a travel agency and a tour coordinator; I provided assistance on many journeys, and visited countless destinations. During that time I became convinced of one thing in particular: the realization that I am irresistibly fond of experiencing with all five senses the ambience that is unique to each particular region, and that the greatest pleasure of being in the travel industry is to provide customers with such unforgettable experiences.

Over time the way in which travel is organized has diversified considerably. Amidst this evolution we sought to establish a synergy between travel information and IT through the operation of databases, and began to offer services based on them. Our userbase is currently expanding across countries worldwide.

The world around us is ever-moving, and IT technologies are making rapid advances. Even so, there is one principle that we will never deviate from.

"To deliver unforgettable experiences to tourists worldwide." - I believe our company embodies the wish to move forward while staying true to this thought.