WBF agents

About WBF agents

WBF agents is a comprehensive booking system with which you can make and manage reservations for a large variety of travel services all over Japan offered by a total of about 1300 Japanese companies. Bookable services range from transportation essentials such as car rentals and intercity buses to activities and tours available at many popular destinations, such as sightseeing taxi tours and scuba diving activities.

WBF agents provides two interfaces: the WBF agents Web Interface and the WBF agents API. Using the web interface is as simple as navigating our comprehensive WBF agents management webpage; meaning you can get started with it right away, without the need for setting up a new system or modifying an existing one (supported languages: Japanese, English).

Compared to the web interface, our soon to be released API will offer some additional options and flexibility with which you'll be able to further customize your collaborations with any linked company individually (supported languages: Japanese, English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean).

Usage is billed pay-as-you-go, so can freely try things out without incurring fixed startup costs.

Partner with WBF agents, and together we can raise the profile of vacations in Japan to a whole new level!

For any inquiries about getting started with WBF agents please contact us at: